The Evolve Fight Team competes at UFC again!

Rafael dos Anjos from the Evolve Fight Team

Rafael Dos Anjos, a member of the Evolve Fight Team, will be in action at UFC 132 in Las Vegas this weekend. The Brazilian, who spends a large part of the year training at Evolve MMA in Singapore, is one of the top lightweights in the world. Dos Anjos was close to a title shot last year after three successive UFC wins. He faced top contender Clay Guida at UFC 117 and was ahead on the scorecards in the third round when he was forced to tap due to a broken jaw.

This Sunday (Singapore time) Dos Anjos will make his comeback against Australia’s number one fighter, George Sotiropoulos. It will be a battle between two leading lightweights in the UFC and the winner will take one step closer to getting a title shot. Both are high level world-class BJJ Black Belts. Dos Anjos is very skilled at Muay Thai while Sotiropoulous is skilled at Boxing. It looks to be a very exciting battle.

UFC 132 will be broadcast live at around 9am in the morning on ASN and the main event will feature Urjah Faber and Dominick Cruz fighting for the bantamweight title.
Dos Anjos is one of a number of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts on the Evolve Fight Team and has also been working hard to improve his Muay Thai skills. After almost a year out of action he is determined to get back in contention with a win over Sotiropoulos,

“I know that I have what it takes to become the UFC lightweight champion. This is my dream and I believe that I can do it. I have the right talent and genetics, but more importantly I have a world class coaching team and top training partners. In fighting, you are only as good as your team and I have one of the best teams in the world at Evolve MMA,” he said.

He also feels that his time spent training in at Evolve MMA will prepare him for the challenge of Sotiropoulos, who has an outstanding UFC record of 7-1.

“I love training in Singapore because the training is complete for someone at my level. To be trained by world champions in Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, Boxing, and No-Gi grappling is very helpful for my growth as a fighter. The training partners are at very high levels and if I have a fight, I will usually spend two months preparing in Singapore. In Brazil, they say that coal can only turn into diamonds because of much pressure. Well, in Singapore, I am put through the fire,” he said.

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