Random MMA News and Stories

The world is coming to an end today according to some priest in the US in an event called The Rapture. Here are some random stories to keep your mind off the impending doom.

Little Nog talks about his upcoming fight with Rich Franklin. Here is the story on Fight Nerd.

Wanderlei Silva does BJJ in a Gi!!! Check it out here.

Cris Cyborg, the world's top female MMA fighter, can't get a fight. Click here on Cage Potato.

Is MMA in Japan dead? To read more, Click here on Sherdog.

Shinya Aoki from the Evolve Fight Team might have a fight! To see who, Click here on MMAJunkie.

Jon Jones is still training even with an injury. Here it is on ESPN.

Michael Bisping shows some love to Rampage Jackson. Click here on MMA Fighting.

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