The Power of the Evolve Family!

The story below is the reason why everyone at Evolve MMA works so hard. It is the reason why we pour our hearts and souls into making the Evolve Family the best in the world. As per our website, Evolve MMA's mission is "to empower our students to achieve a healthier, happier, and more productive life through the martial arts."

Here is a letter written today to Evolve MMA by Leonard Leo, an 18 year old student at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore.

"Today will mark my first year as an Evolve MMA member. I write this note today not to talk about how much I've learned in muay thai or brazilian jiujitsu, but how much they have changed my life. I still remember exactly one year ago today, i first walked into Evolve MMA for my 30 minutes trial lesson. Words cannot express how excited and nervous i was, it was my first time doing something related to martial arts. It was like a dream come true for me. Since then I've never looked back.

1 year ago when i stepped into this little place called Evolve, i was literally on the verge of throwing my life away. Not many people know about this. A series of setbacks in school and in my personal life throughout the year got the better of me. I lost all the motivation and zest i had for life, there was hardly anything to look forward to. I was lost, aimless and was about to give up everything I've ever that, and i was only 17 years old. My parents were on the verge of giving up on me and i cannot even remember how much tears i shed every night, how i longed to be happy again. I came to Evolve in search of something to look forward to in life. Something inside me told me that this has got to be the place. The main deciding factor was how passionate the instructors were, including Kru Nuengpichit Sityodtong, who took me for my trial lesson. I remember vividly telling myself, its either Evolve or nothing else.

One year ago this day, i formally attended my first muay thai lesson. I felt like i was being set free, and that all my troubles were behind me now. It was the first time in over a year I truly felt happiness in me. The sleepless nights and days spent worrying are behind me now. Evolve truly changed my life. Evolve gave me the motivation and strength to carry on with life. I remembered trying to attend lessons everyday, i was truly happy. I finally had a purpose in life. Of course, all these didn't just come to me within a day of my enrollment into Evolve, but over the course of many months. The incredible life stories of our instructors and how they always pushed the students at training gave me the strength to push myself. It helped me regain my long-lost discipline, something which i have lost after i stopped competing in sports after 8 years. It taught me to not give up even when im weary and tired. It taught me to push through everything that is thrown in my way and trust that everything will just be ok. 

In the past one year, i have come such a long way. I have changed so much as a person. I can control my temper better now, in a much physically better shape, a better son and brother to my family,a better friend to my friends, improved my academics in school, and most importantly, I am truly happy now. I did a short individual presentation in school just last week for a project, and thoughts of my time at Evolve started to surface in my head. To be honest, i nearly teared and luckily the presentation went extremely well, the most passionate on according to my tutor:) The motivating factor on the choice of topic was the impact that Evolve had on my life, and many others.

Evolve not only changed my life, Evolve saved my life. I wanna thank Chatri and Gordinho for Evolve, for bringing an amazing team and place to this little island country that is literally unheard of when it comes to sports. I firmly believe Evolve has not only changed my life, but that of the students for the better.

I wanna thank all my instructors, Lui,Nueng,Yo,Jak,Chart,Wat, Joao, Almiro and for being my teachers, for pushing me hard every lesson. I truly truly appreciate it. And thank you to all my friends at Evolve, you know who you are, for being part of my journey to becoming a better person.

I look forward to another year with Evolve, and hopefully many more to come. I look forward to evolving with Evolve and new experiences that will come in my way:) Here is one to Evolve, to another year of success and new experiences. Last but not least, thank you Evolve, for everything you have done for me <>."

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