10 Tips to a Better Game

Here are 10 quick and easy tips to a better game in MMA.

10.  On your days off, be sure to cheat.  Eat anything you want.  Do anything you want.  But don't do anything that has to do with MMA.  Keep your love for MMA fresh.  You'll train harder.

9.  Set goals.  If you set mini goals, it will help you to stay on the path to unleashing your potential.  If you are a blue belt in BJJ, focus on the next stripe before you focus on the purple belt.  If you are a beginner in Muay Thai, focus on mastering the Thai clinch.  MMA is a mountain and you need to set little goals to climb it.

8.  Accept roadblocks.  There will always be training plateaus or injuries or a bad training partner to prevent you from wanting to train.  It is a natural part of life.  Go with the flow.  Don't fight it.

7.  Don't accept roadblocks for too long.  If you are injured, rest.  If you are frustrated, go do something to get your mind off it.  Don't stay out of the game too long or else you will completely lose momentum.

6.  Learn to workout with kettlebells.  Kettlebells are a great way to build your entire body.  Take some kettlebell classes and see the results.

5.  Take a Strength and Conditioning class 2-3x a week to help boost your fitness.

4.  Train with people you love.  If you train with friends, it makes it more fun.  You don't have to worry about getting hurt and you will both be focused on your favorite sport in the world.

3.  Jump tires.  Find an old tire of a car.  Lay it flat on the ground.  Start bouncing on it.  After a few minutes, you will feel your calves burn and your heart pound away.  Tire jumping is a great way to warm up and to develop your calf muscles for explosive movement. Muay Thai fighters use this training method to develop faster and stronger kicks. 

2.  Remember that it is a journey!  There is no destination.  MMA is about constantly evolving yourself and always improving.  Always go back to why you are doing it in the first place.  Because it is FUN.  And because you LOVE it.   

1.  Never stop. Always keep EVOLVING!!!

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