The Physical Elements of Martial Arts

Progress can be measured in many distinct ways. At Evolve MMA, our philosophy is continuous self-improvement as a way to unleash the human potential. Today, we will talk about the physical side of self-improvement. As you think about your development and evolution as a martial artist, here is a quick guide to some notable physical “markers” you might want to consider.

Many people suffer from a limited range of motion. Range of motion is critical for your long-term health and it is essential for success as a martial artist. The good news is that all the programs at Evolve are designed to improve your flexibility dramatically. Specifically, the idea of flexibility is to elongate your main muscle groups in order to ease tension on and around the joints. There is an optimal range of flexibility that is desirable in each one of the joints. Although we are at our most limber during our early youth, stretching helps increase the base level range of motion at all stages. There are various types of stretches that we can choose from that are appropriate for doing before, during and after exercise. For more information on how to improve your flexibility, please feel free to ask any of the Strength and Conditioning Instructors at Evolve.

Cardiovascular Fitness
During the warm up of a group exercise class, you may notice that activities like jogging or skipping might leave you breathless initially. With continued effort, our body adapts to the changes and soon the activity becomes less of a challenge. Both muscular and cardiovascular endurance will be enhanced through continued training. We can last longer doing the activities, and soon we’re able to do it at full speed. Cardiovascular fitness is critical to long-term health and the prevention of heart diseases.

Basic strength levels will increase from increased frequency of use of your muscles. The resultant increase in strength will not only be a result of the increase in the force of contractions of the muscles, but in the integrity of the joints and the density of the bones in our body too. Strength is not easily measurable in the academy (as opposed to lifting only weights in a health club where you can see your gains quantitatively). However, you can be confident that our classes will make you stronger overall. Our programs are designed to help you increase your lean muscle mass and tone up every area of your body.

Body Composition
Over time, the continued regimen of training will confer changes in the body’s fat and muscular composition. The body learns to use the different forms of macronutrients we put into our body like protein, carbohydrates and fats efficiently. Soon, this results in a much different physique, where our muscles become firmer and more resilient to the demands of training that we put them under. You should not judge yourself by how much you weigh. Muscle weighs more than fat. Yet, muscle speeds up your resting metabolism and allows you to lose fat more quickly. The key judge of body composition is simply how you look in the mirror. A more scientific approach can be used such as body fat analysis, etc.

Coordination and balance will be enhanced as we learn to master the proper techniques involved in a sport. This enables us to execute all the movements well and efficiently, promoting economy of effort in the long run. This can only be done effectively when we learn from the best. The key is to ensure that you are learning correctly in order to build the correct foundation and habits.

Technique is the most important part of the physical game of martial arts. If you have poor technique, it is simply impossible to generate speed, power, and leverage. You must possess a critical eye for detail and must listen fully to all the little points from your instructors. You must examine how you do the technique compared to how the instructors perform it. Technique is everything in martial arts. The sure way of knowing if your technique is improving is by the grace and beauty of your motions as well as the speed and power generated. Feel free to ask any of the instructors for tips on your technique.

When you put all these physical elements together, it produces miraculous results. You will be stronger, faster, healthier, and happier. It will boost your self-esteem and give you increased confidence. This positive energy will translate into higher energy levels and a renewed you. Ultimately, all these benefits will translate into a higher ability for you to achieve your dreams in every area of life!

So, how have you changed today?

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