Evander Holyfield: 1 in 7 billion

4 time Boxing World Champion Evander Holyfield exemplifies the human potential unleashed. Even in his prime, Holyfield was not the most talented boxer. He did not possess blistering speed, but simply average speed. His power was better than average, but nothing spectacular. His cardio was good, but not exceptional. His athleticism was average. He did not possess cat-like reflexes and he often took a lot of punishment. In fact, Evander Holyfield was so average that most experts would wholeheartedly admit that they would have never predicted the incredible success that he had in his career. He knocked out Mike Tyson. He knocked out Riddick Bowe. He beat George Foreman. He beat Larry Holmes. He won the Heavyweight Boxing World Championship title an amazing 4 times.

So how is it that Evander Holyfield accomplished so much?

Simply put, Holyfield has an unbreakable will - a will to win, a will to train harder than possible, a will to suffer more than necessary, a will to be the best in the world. In the fighting world, every fighter will say that he/she has will. It's fun to win. However, the reality is that a fighter reveals his/her true will in the gym during training sessions and during his/her toughest moments in the ring.

The will of a true champion is very, very rare to find. Evander Holyfield undeniably has the will of a true champion. (And at 48 years old, he is still fighting and trying to become the only man to win the Heavyweight World Championship for a 5th time).

Here is a tribute video to a man who accomplished what no one believed he could - time and time again. Evander Holyfield defines the human potential unleashed.

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