UFC 125: Does Frankie Edgar have what it takes?

UFC Lightweight World Champion Frankie Edgar defends his title this weekend against #1 contender Gray Maynard. Does Frankie Edgar have what it takes to become a long reigning champion? Or is he just a flash in the pan? Even though he is the champion, Frankie Edgar is an 8-5 underdog. Many experts and fighters still believe that he is not really the champion even though he holds the belt. In Frankie Edgar's defense, he has elite level wrestling, purple belt level BJJ, excellent boxing, and decent Muay Thai. He also has a world class team of coaches and training partners such as Renzo Gracie (BJJ), Ricardo Almeida (BJJ), Mark Henry (Boxing), and Phil Nurse (Muay Thai). Also, Frankie Edgar has unbelievable cardio - he literally never gases out even going 100% output with maximum pace for 5 rounds. While Gray Maynard is bigger and stronger, he will be too slow to catch Frankie. Meanwhile, Frankie has speed, but lacks KO power and the submission skills to finish Gray Maynard off. Nevertheless, our prediction is that Frankie Edgar will successfully defend his title via a unanimous 5 round decision.

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