I'm Coming to Singapore

Hello My Friends!

I am UFC Fighter, Rafael dos Anjos, from Evolve Brazil. To my friends in Singapore, I am coming next week to Evolve Singapore to teach MMA for you until early next year! I am coming with my wife, Cris, and my sons, Rafael and Gustavo. We will stay in Singapore until early next year before my next fight in the UFC.

My jaw was broken in two places from the fight with Clay Guida. Do not worry, I will be back stronger, my friends! This is why I am coming to Singapore. I will upgrade myself with the best teachers in the world. I will train my BJJ with Professor Rafael Gordinho and all the black belts. I will improve my Muay Thai with Kru Chatri Sityodtong and the rest of the Sityodtong Team. Since my training with Evolve MMA, I believe that I can become UFC Lightweight World Champion. My dream is this one.

Here are my flight details:

South Africa Airways 7232:
Arrival at 06:55am on October 7 to Singapore

I am very happy to come to Evolve Singapore again. I have many good memories every time I come. Singapore is another home for me already. I love Singapore! See everybody soon. OSSS!!!

Your friend

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