Singapore's Largest BJJ Tournament!

Get ready for Singapore's largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament! The inaugural Evolve Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament is set to break all previous records. Based on current sign-ups, there will be approximately 150 competitors, making it the largest BJJ tournament in history in Singapore.

The main sponsor of the event is MAXIMUSCLE, UK's top provider of nutritional supplements, weight loss products, calorie counters, and much more. As the main sponsor, MAXIMUSCLE will be providing prize packages worth a total of $4,000. They will be awarding prize packages for all Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists.

Other sponsors include ADIDAS and FAR EAST SQUARE.  More details to come!

Please note that this tournament is open to Evolve members only.  Tournament details are in the picture on the right. Friends and family members are all welcome to watch the tournament and root for their favorite competitors!


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