Evolve Team Leaders

Recently on Aug 2, Evolve MMA announced the nomination of Evolve student Papa Rich Wee, as the Evolve Team Leader. To re-read the prior article, please click here.

As appointed leader of the Evolve student body, Papa Rich will provide a conduit for fellow Evolve students to raise concerns, issues, or suggestions. The simple goal is to create a better experience for all students at Evolve MMA. He will ensure that your points of interest are addressed swiftly and treated with the strictest confidentiality. Furthermore, there may be occasions when, upon the request of the instructors, Papa Rich will be asked to provide feedback to students as to how you can help make the classes even more enjoyable for all.

As the leaders of the Evolve Competition and Athlete teams, Papa Rich and Heath Sims, will work with Kru Chatri Sityodtong in helping to coordinate the tournament/competition fighter selection, registration process, training schedules, and logistical needs of individual fighters preparing for tournaments/competition. Working directly with Kru Chatri Sityodtong (and the rest of the Evolve Instructor Team), they will help ensure that team members are well prepared for their fights. It is also their responsibility to ensure that team members conduct themselves in an exemplary manner and that the obligations of team members are met and performed competently. Heath and Papa Rich will also help grow the Evolve Competition and Athlete teams. So, if you are interested in becoming a member of either the Evolve Competition or Evolve Athlete team, please direct your questions to Heath or Papa Rich.

Lastly, if you happen to see Heath and Papa Rich in Evolve Far East Square or Evolve PoMo, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.  He can be reached at respectively.  And please congratulate Papa Rich once again on his new roles at Evolve MMA!

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