Jose Aldo: A Legend in the Making

Jose Aldo is the WEC 145lb World Champion and is a legend in the making. Aldo is considered by many experts and fighters as the pound-for-pound king of MMA alongside Anderson Silva. He is highly athletic, explosive, and intelligent. Above all, he possesses an unbreakable spirit and a warrior heart forged from the depths of poverty in Brazil. Aldo is an expert in both BJJ and Muay Thai. Aldo studied both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over 10 years each. That being said, Aldo has a very strong preference for using his Muay Thai even though he is a high level BJJ Black Belt. In fact, he has won 6 of his 7 fights in the WEC via KO or TKO. In his 18 fights as a professional MMA fighter, Aldo has won 12 by KO or TKO and only 1 by submission.

Check out this clip to see how amazing he is. It is pure artistry.

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