One of the Keys to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most effective self-defense systems in the world.  It has proven highly effective in one-on-one combat, especially in MMA competition such as the UFC and the Art of War.  It has also proven very effective on the streets for one-on-one unarmed situations.

At its core, BJJ is a very simple art.  Of course, it is complex like chess with thousands of moves and combinations.  However, the essence of BJJ is simplicity and effectiveness. 

The key to success in BJJ is the ability to control hip movement.  If you can move your hips freely and you can prevent your opponent from moving his/her hips, you are one step closer to understanding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  The most critical element of BJJ is the ability to move your hips.  The warm up drills done at Evolve MMA are precisely to help you with your hip movement.  If you move your hips well, you should be able to control many situations on the ground.  For example, the guard, the half-guard, the open guard, the x-guard are all heavily dependent on hip movement.  If you can move your hips effectively, then it will make it very difficult for anyone to pass your guard.  Moving your hips well also means that you will have a complete set of submissions available to you.  The arm bar, the triangle choke, the omoplata, and many other submissions all rely on your ability to move your hips.  Sweeps also rely heavily on hip movement.  On the flip side, if you can control your opponent's hips, then you will be able to control almost any situation.  By locking down your opponent's hips, you will be one step closer to passing his/her guard more easily.  By preventing your opponent from moving his/her hips freely, you will inevitably prevent most submission attempts. 

Ask your favorite BJJ Black Belt at Evolve MMA for tips on how to improve your hip movement as well as any tricks to prevent your opponent from moving his hips.  Happy Training!

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