An Inside Look into the Sityodtong Camp

Here is an independent 3rd party report that looks into the legendary Kru Yodtong and his world-renowned Sityodtong Camp in Thailand.  Evolve Mixed Martial Arts is the largest overseas branch in the world of the legendary Sityodtong Camp.  Here is an excerpt from the article on below.

"...The thing about Sityodtong is that they create champions.  They start training the kids when they're 6 years old and by the time they're 8, their technique is crisp and they're able to kick the pad harder than beginners that are twice their age...This is where the Sityodtong Camp differs.  The other day I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the trainers (a former Lumpinee Champion) and the "boss" and living legend himself - Kru Yodtong (born Erawan Sriwaralak).  Kru Yodtong has been recognized by the Kingdom of Thailand as the 'Superior Teacher of Muay Thai'..."

To read the entire article on FightPassport, please click here.  The clip below is from the Sityodtong Camp in 1998.  The trainer in the video is none other than Daorung "Papa" Sityodtong!  Papa now teaches permanently at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore.