Eat like a Champion!

FightShape is the Strength and Conditioning Program at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts®, the premier MMA brand in Asia. The nutritional information we offer has been proven to increase athletic performance and to promote rapid fat loss.

Nutrition is one of the most discussed topics in fitness.

Your diet is the most important component in any fitness program. Different kinds of proteins like Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) repair muscle fibers after they have been broken down through your training. Carbohydrates fuel your body and give you energy. By fine-tuning your diet with the correct macro-nutrient ratios, you will see many noticeable positive improvements. These will include such benefits as increased energy and general well-being, to improvements in strength and body composition.

Basic Nutrition Guidelines

1) *Follow a basic guideline of 50% carb 30% protein 20% fat

2) *Select correct number of calories per pound of bodyweight (divide by 2.2 = KG)
a) 10 for a sedentary (no training)
b) 15 for light training (1x per day)
c) 20 for hard training (2x per day)
(E.G. 160lbs x 15 (training once per day) = 2400 total calories 1200 cal = carb 720 cal = protein 480 cal = fat)
*This is just a basic outline to follow to get started, adjustments will be made later in program to account for the many different Metabolic Types and calorie needs.

3) Keep a nutritional diary

4) Increase H20 consumption (one ounce per pound of bodyweight)

5) Eat 5-6x small meals per day

6) Choose lower Glycemic Index carbohydrates (the Glycemic Index indicates how rapidly food is broken down into Glucose, the lower G.I. foods are better for blood sugar regulation)

7) No Fruit Juice

8) No processed foods

9) NO SOFT DRINKS including diet sodas (Beware of Aspartame)

10) Whenever possible always choose Organic products!!!


Proteins are the building blocks for our bodies. They repair muscle tissue after exercise. They also have hundreds of other functions and play a vital role in enzyme & hormone production and utilization. They are responsible for transportation of hemoglobin in the blood, growth of hair and skin etc. Protein can also be used as a source of fuel although carbohydrates are naturally the bodies preferred source. Protein can be broken into 2 basic types; complete and incomplete. Complete protein contains all 10 of the essential amino acids and incomplete protein means it lacks some of the essential amino acids. For example protein sources that are complete are chicken, fish, red meat and diary products. Incomplete protein sources are beans and other plant sources. However, you can combine incomplete proteins together to form a complete protein (e.g. rice and beans).

Carbohydrates fuel the nervous system, the brain and muscles. There are 2 types of carbohydrates= simple and complex. Simple carbs are broken down quickly inside the body (High G.I) complex carbs take longer to process. When choosing carbs in your diet, focus on particularly on whole natural carbs that haven’t been processed or refined that are Low to Moderate G.I

Dietary fats are just as important as protein and carbohydrates. Fat is a major component for health and is often overlooked. It helps transport the fat soluble vitamins A E D K all are needed for us to remain healthy. A diet exclusively devoid of fats is very much an unhealthy one! For instance fat can help you stay fuller longer increasing a feeling of satiety, which is useful when dieting hard.
Omega 3 is an important Essential fatty acid (EFA). It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, which is obviously important for fighters. Not to be confused with Omega 6, most of us have in abundance in our diets. Avoid if possible anything with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil or trans fatty acids.

These are bad synthetic fats the body cannot break down fully. They can lead to many health issues such as obesity and increases in Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) bad cholesterol.

The most important substance in your diet and body is water. Your body is 70% water and being de-hydrated by as little as 2% can affect your performance.

- Take a high quality multi-vitamin 2x per day
*This is nutritional insurance to make sure your body has everything it needs to run at the highest level possible.

- Take 6 grams of a high quality omega 3 fatty acid

- Before workout BCAA are recommended to maintain a anabolic state (positive balance)

- Drink a high quality Whey Protein Shake 20-30 grams after a workout, with fruit (banana or berries)
• After a workout you have what is called your “post work out window of opportunity” this time period is when you need to replenish your body with the nutrients you just lost or utilized. During this “window” your body is able to utilize and assimilate more of the nutrients you eat. Also, your muscles are ready to absorb more amino acids during this time which are needed to repair the tissue that was just damaged due to training. If at this time you take in a liquid form of protein and carbs it digests faster and will be absorbed more readily into the bloodstream.

- Glutamine 10-15 grams per day
* The most abundant amino acid in the body, it has been shown to improve immune function (it will keep you from getting sick before the big fight). Also Glutamine is anti-catabolic, which means you won’t lose that hard earn muscle while dieting.

- Wheatgrass - 1 oz per day (my personal secret)
* One shot is equal to 5 pounds of vegetables in nutrient quality, 6 grams of fiber and it tastes pretty good.

Cutting Weight
In most cases fighters will try to drop weight, as they are getting ready for a fight. It is not wise to restrict your calories while you begin training heavily for your competition. Top-level athletes should take care of themselves all year. By maintaining low body fat levels, it will allow you to focus on the fight and not on making weight. When you are given short notice and you have to cut weight in a hurry, make sure you adhere to proven techniques and strategies.

If you need to lose weight follow these recommended guidelines;

1) Set correct % of protein carb fat and calories (35% carb 35% protein 30% fat)

2) Remove all grains and wheat from diet

3) Remove all dairy from diet

4) No root Vegetables e.g. carrots and potatoes

5) No processed meats

6) Sample menu
- 4 organic eggs & 2 pieces of fruit (multi vitamin & omega 3)
- 6 oz chicken breast & 2 cups green beans
- 5 oz red meat & 2 green beans
- 6 oz tuna & 1 apple & 2 cup spinach salad
*Before workout BCAA
- 30 grams whey protein & apple & pear *after work out
- 5 oz red meat & 2 cups broccoli (multi vitamin & omega 3)

Eat Well and Train Hard!

Mitch Sityodtong
Director of Strength and Conditioning, Evolve Mixed Martial Arts

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts® is the premier brand of MMA academies in Asia. Evolve ranks among the best academies in the world for Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.