Get Fit Like a Professional Fighter!

At Evolve, one of our goals is to get our members fit like professional fighters in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Most of our members do not fight and have no intention of ever doing so. However, they can still reap tremendous benefits by following the training regimen of elite professional athletes. Some of the benefits include weight loss, stress release, fat loss, cardiovascular fitness, a better physique, lower cholesterol levels, increased energy, and a feeling of rejuvenation. Of course, since our programs are taught by elite world-class instructors and World Champions, Evolve students will learn the art of self-defense and will do very well in competitions if they choose to compete. Whether your goal is to lose 10 kilos, look good for the beach, or compete professionally, Evolve Instructors know how to get you there.

A typical 60 minute Beginners Muay Thai class at Evolve is a shortened version of the typical 3 hour professional training session. Our typical 60 minute class consists of:

A 10 minute Warm Up - Skipping rope, light stretching, and/or shadow boxing
20 minutes of Technique Practice - Members get to learn new techniques and apply them
25 minutes of Pad work - Members get to hit pads and heavy bags at full power in a completely safe environment for 5-6 rounds at 3 minutes and 1 minute of rest.
5 minute cool down - Sit ups and cool down

The great thing about getting fit with Evolve is that our classes are designed for FUN, FITNESS, and SELF-DEFENCE. You will not get bored by this highly interactive, quick paced class. As your fitness level increases, the workouts become more intense as you get promoted to higher levels. Our Instructors will push you to your limits and take you to new highs. The great thing is that you will also be learning the authentic art of self-defence. Your skills will improve dramatically, especially in the first 6 months of training with our world-class instructors. If you want to read their bios, please click here.

We cannot talk about the concept of being in fight shape without talking about the regimen of a professional Muay Thai fighter. In Thailand, professional Muay Thai fighters train 6 hours a day, 6 days a week since they are the age of 6-7.

Here is the daily routine at the Sityodtong Gym in Thailand.

8am - 11am: Go for a 12km run as a warm up. Skip rope for 30 minutes without rest. Hit the heavy bag for 5-10 rounds. Then hit pads with a trainer for 5-10 rounds.

3pm-6pm: Go for an 8km run as a warm up. Skip rope for 30 minutes without rest. Hit the heavy bag for 5-10 rounds. Then hit pads with a trainer for 5-10 rounds. Spar and clinch for an hour. Do 200-300 situps while a trainer punches your stomach to build pain tolerance. Throw 200 push kicks against a wall.

At Evolve, our Muay Thai classes are geared for FUN, FITNESS, and SELF DEFENCE. That being said, we do have an invitation-only Fighters Program geared towards professional fighters and the Evolve Fight Team. During those early afternoon sessions, our training is at the professional level. If you are interested in joining those sessions, an Evolve instructor will have to evaluate your skill level and commitment before you are invited to join. To learn more, please go to our website by clicking here!

Until next time!

Team Evolve