Brice Tan: Spirit of a Champion

For our 4th student profile, the Evolve Instructor Team chooses Brice Tan. He exemplifies the core values of Evolve: excellence, hard work, continuous self-improvement, discipline, humility, and team work. Brice is pictured above with one of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions, Braga Neto.

When Brice first walked into Evolve, he had zero knowledge and had never taken a martial arts class. In a short four (4) months, Brice has lost an amazing sixteen (16) kilograms, toned his body, and developed his mind - all through our classes in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Equally important, he is starting to develop his game in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Today, Brice has what the Evolve Instructors call "the Spirit of a Champion" because of his desire to become the very best person that Brice can be - mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

By way of background, Brice Tan is 15 years old and is in Secondary 3 in secondary school. His hobbies include basketball, soccer, shotput, discus,. His favorite classes at Evolve are Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.

Here are some quotes from the elite Evolve Instructor Team:

"Brice has come a very long way. When he joined Evolve, he had no clue how to punch or kick. He also had no clue about how to unlock his mental strength. Today, Brice has progressed into a solid beginner in Muay Thai with good kicks and good punches. He needs to develop more speed and power from his hips. Brice also needs to learn how to knee more effectively. The greatest area of improvement for Brice is his mental strength. He has learned not to quit even if he is exhausted - this skill is an important life tool that will help him succeed in other areas of his life. Brice has the Spirit of a Champion. Keep up the great work, Brice! You are a winner!"
-Daorung "Papa" Sityodtong, Trainer of 14 Muay Thai World Champions and Evolve Instructor

"Brice has improved a lot in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. He has learned to move on the ground and is starting to understand the essence of submissions. One thing that I like about Brice is that he always gives 100%. You can see that he has the warrior's attitude. He wants to improve and he is willing to work hard. If Brice keeps up his hard work, he will become a Blue Belt easily. In order to improve, Brice must learn how to fight on his back in the guard position more effectively. Train harder, Brice! You can do it. Always believe in yourself and your dreams will come true!"
-Leandro "Brodinho" Da Silva, BJJ World Champion and Evolve Instructor

"When Brice came here the first time, he was slow and he was not very coordinated. Since he has lost all the weight, he has become an entirely different person. He moves like a fighter, has the heart of a champion, and has become more confident as a person. You can see his mental toughness grow with each class at Evolve. His discipline has also really improved. Brice is still young and all these valuable lessons will help him succeed in life in the future. I would say that Brice kicks about 100% harder than when he first joined Evolve. His punches are not hard yet because he does not use his hips aggressively. However, I know that Brice will become a very tough Muay Thai warrior in the future. He has good potential and he has the mindset of a champion. He does not give up easily and he always listens to all of his instructors. Brice, we are proud to be your instructors because you put your heart into everything. You will go a long way if you keep working hard."
-Nuengpichit Sityodtong, Muay Thai World Champion and Evolve Instructor

"Brice has lost an unbelievable 16 kilos since joining Evolve! But that is only the beginning of his story. He has developed himself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. At Evolve, our motto is "Achieve Greatness Within." I can say that Brice is starting to do exactly that. He has learned about hard work, he has learned about excellence, he has learned self-confidence, he has learned the fighting spirit, he has learned how to be a gentleman. In a nutshell, Brice is learning to become a true warrior. I agree with Papa - Brice has the Spirit of a Champion. When I hold pads for him, I see how he reacts to the last 30 seconds of each round. Even though he is exhausted, he pushes himself even harder. It is in those last seconds of each round that I can see a champion being born. Brice, if you keep working hard, you will develop into a phenomenal martial artist. I see your love for the game. I see your heart. And I believe in you. You are very close to skyrocketing in terms of your improvement in all areas of Muay Thai. Dream big, Brice! You can do anything you set your mind to!"
-Chatri Sityodtong, Muay Thai Fighter and Evolve Instructor

Congratulations, Brice! Everyone at Evolve believes in your potential.

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