Evolve MMA: A Warrior in the Making

Mohd. Narul Azrin (or Zin as his buddies call him at Evolve) is a warrior in the making. He is pictured above in the black gi with one of our BJJ World Champions, Antonio Braga Neto. When Zin first joined Evolve, he weighed 125 kgs and was quite unfit with a lot of body fat. In a short 4 months, Zin has dropped an amazing 15 kgs due to the Evolve Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Program. He has gained more muscle and has become more leaner with less body fat. He is stronger, faster, and fitter. More importantly, his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills have really progressed. In the beginning, Zin would be the one getting tapped out because he was a beginner. Now, he is the one tapping people out (although, of course, he does tap out sometimes too like everyone else). Above all, Zin exemplifies what it means to be a part of Team Evolve. He is a winner with a champion's heart. He loves the game. He trains hard. He strives for continuous self-improvement - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Zin is a true warrior in the making on Team Evolve, the #1 MMA gym in Southeast Asia.

By way of background, Zin is a Project Engineer in the Marine Industry. So he has a very busy schedule with work. His hobbies include reading, music, movies, collecting vinyls, and tinkering with his bike.

Here are some quotes:

"Zin is a dedicated warrior. He trains hard and has progressed a lot in the last few months. Win or lose, he always shows the warrior spirit and good teamwork. We are proud to have him on Team Evolve. Zin needs to improve his bottom game to go to the next level."
-Brodinho Leandro Thomas, Evolve Instructor and BJJ World Champion.

"I have watched Zin's confidence rise amazingly as a martial artist and human being! Not only has he built more muscle tone and lost fat, Zin has become tougher mentally and physically. He moves on the ground a lot more smoothly than before and his submission skills are really starting to click. I like what Brodinho said. Win or lose, Zin is always there. What a big heart, man. Zin is going to go far if he continues his training. Congrats, Zin!"
-Chatri Sityodtong, Evolve Instructor

"Zin is tough. His BJJ has come a long way. I am so happy to hear from Brodinho that Zin is continuing to improve every day. It makes me proud to be his teacher. On the first day, he could not even complete the warm up without almost puking. Brodinho says Zin's fitness is already much better. Keep training hard, my friend!"
-Antonio Braga Neto, Evolve Instructor and BJJ World Champion

"I have never felt better about myself in my entire life...I lost 15 kgs which is a big achievement for me...By far Evolve is DEFINITELY the place to train if you are serious about it. The world-class instructors, facilities, and of course fellow students have certainly made me feel that Evolve is like a home...Where else can I get world-class authentic training if not at Evolve?"
-Mohd. Narul Azrin (Zin), Evolve student and BJJ Warrior

At Evolve, our motto is "Achieve Greatness Within" because martial arts is about the journey of continuous self-discovery and self-improvement of the body, mind, and soul.

Congratulations, Zin! You are a warrior in the making. Everyone at Evolve - the instructors, students, and staff - is proud to have you as a friend and fellow warrior on Team Evolve. Here is to Achieving Greatness Within together, bro!

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. Achieve Greatness Within.