The Secret Little Rules of Muay Thai

Hi Everyone - its Chatri doing the blog today. Hope everyone had a restful weekend. I didn't really know what to write. So I just thought back to my childhood days at the Sityodtong Gym in Pattaya, Thailand.

At the Sityodtong Gym in Thailand, we were taught many secret little rules about how to succeed in Muay Thai. Kru Yodtong Senanan grilled them into our memories like an oven bakes clay into porcelain. They are not really secrets and they are not really rules. They are more like general rules of thumbs. But they really do work! Most of the time that is. Here is one of them. It is a classic saying to help you neutralize an attack or an opponent.

SECRET LITTLE RULE #1: Punches beat kicks. Knees beat punches. Elbows beat knees. Kicks beat elbows.

It is almost the same analogy as the "rocks, paper, scissors" game that we have all played as children. Rocks beat scissors by smashing them into bits. Paper beats rocks by smothering them. And Scissors beat paper by cutting it.

We could write a whole book on this simple rule. It would take forever to explain what Kru Yodtong grilled into us. For brevity's sake, we will just leave our explanation to those of you who ask us in person. If you would like a detailed explanation of this SECRET LITTLE RULE, then please ask any of the Evolve Muay Thai Instructors. The details and logic will actually surprise you. We will happily walk you through a few real life examples to demonstrate the the SECRET LITTLE RULE #1 actually works! Again, it works most of the time and not all of the time. So follow it with a grain of salt.

For those of you in Muay Thai Level II at Evolve, try to follow this rule in your sparring sessions and watch the magic right in front of your eyes! For those of you in Muay Thai Level I, we will leave it for you to test out when you graduate to Muay Thai Level II. Save this rule somewhere because it will come in handy one day!