Muay Thai Results from Thailand!

The Evolve Fight Team went 1-1 this past week in professional Muay Thai fights in Thailand.

Mitch Chilson won his Muay Thai fight in convincing fashion with a 4th round TKO victory over his Thai opponent. He won all rounds of the fight and even scored a standing 8 count in the 1st round. Mitch used a beautiful arsenal of roundhouse kicks, push kicks, and punches to dominate his opponent in all areas of the game. After the fight, Mitch expressed, "I could not have done it without Team Evolve and Team Sityodtong. Specifically, Nuengpichit has been instrumental in my development as a professional Muay Thai fighter. Evolve Mixed Martial Arts is the best of all Muay Thai gyms in Singapore! Thank you to our World Champion, Nueng! I can't wait to get back to see everyone in Singapore."

In the other battle, Chatri Sityodtong lost against a very tough Thai opponent with over 150 fights. Before the bout, the Thai oddsmakers set the odds at 2 to 1 for a victory for the Thai opponent. Chatri started quickly and won the first 2 rounds. Unfortunately, in the heat of battle, Chatri got knocked down with a left hook in the 3rd round. The 4th and 5th rounds were close. After the fight, Chatri said, "There are no excuses. I performed very poorly. My opponent won fair and square. I would like a rematch as soon as possible. Either way, I would like to thank Yoddecha Sityodtong, Nuengpichit Sityodtong, and Daorung Sityodtong for their invaluable help for this fight."