2 lessons from UFC 92

UFC 92 is a clear example why Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Anything can happen at anytime. The action is unpredictable, fast paced, and always entertaining. Who would have predicted that Frank Mir would outclass Nogueira and knock him out? Who would have guessed that Rampage Jackson would win so convincingly?

Here are 2 interesting lessons from UFC 92:

According to the pre-fight odds, Frank Mir had no chance of beating Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, one of the best heavyweight MMA fighters of all time. Nogueira has Olympic level boxing and world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in his arsenal. Most experts agreed that Frank Mir had inferior skills in all ranges of combat (even Frank Mir agreed!). Yet somehow, Frank Mir destroyed Nogueira by using striking techniques. He was able to mix punches, kicks, and knees in a well orchestrated attack on Nogueira's boxing game. Frank Mir is not known for his striking ability. Yet, he produced a sensational show. In training for this fight, Mir decided to bring in experts that were BETTER than he was in each discipline. Frank Mir put his ego aside in order to allow his game to evolve. MMA is about continuous improvement. If you are always evolving and adding to your game, you will maximize your chances for success. As a result, Frank Mir's standup game evolved tremendously and he delivered the performance of his life.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is a tough guy. He has powerful strikes and unbelievable slams. But what really separates him from the pack is his mental toughness. Wanderlei Silva knocked Rampage out twice in previous bouts in brutal fashion. To make matters worse, Rampage has a lot of well publicized legal problems in his personal life. However, Jackson was able to block everything out and deliver an outstanding performance. This fight is a reminder that your biggest asset is your brain. If Jackson was mentally weaker, he would have started the fight very tentative and would have played right into Silva's aggressive style. Instead, he started the fight by coming forward and chasing Silva. Jackson came to fight and had no fear in him. How many of us would be able to do the same thing? It is a great reminder that our mental state often dictates our physical ability. Just ask both Jackson and Mir. If you believe, you will achieve.