The Evolve Fight Team

2 members of the Evolve Fight Team will be fighting next month in Thailand! Chatri Sityodtong and Mitch Chilson are in the final stages of preparation for their upcoming professional Muay Thai bouts in Thailand. Chatri and Mitch will be facing very tough opponents who have over 150 professional fights each.

Mitch reports, "I feel very good. My cardio is in top shape and I have been enjoying the professional training at the Evolve Fighters Program. I have never seen anything like this before in my career. To have a Muay Thai World Champion mentor me is such a rare opportunity. My Muay Thai game has improved at least 50% if not more with my training under Nuengpichit Sityodtong. I hit harder, I hit faster, and I have learned a ton of new techniques. He is a phenomenal teacher. ├Łesterday, I trained for 12 rounds straight, 3 minutes a piece with 1 minute rest. I am ready for this fight."

Chatri reports, "My cardio is ramping up. It is not 100% where it should be, but I feel good at this stage of my training. The next 2 weeks will be the toughest part of training and then I will taper off for 1 week before the fight. I've been sparring hard with Yoddecha every day. It helps to have a Muay Thai World Champion as a training partner. Of course, the rest of the team is very motivating too. My opponent has more experience with 159 fights, but I should have the edge in KO power. I need to get my cardio a couple notches higher and then I will be all set for the fight."

Nuengpichit reports,"Mitch's training is going very well. He is in excellent shape. He has improved his Muay Thai dramatically in the last few weeks. Mitch has incredible natural talent and body awareness. Mitch's biggest area for improvement is his power. He is a fast and intelligent fighter, but he does not maximize his power. I think Mitch will win via points by fighting a smart, high paced chess match. His cardio is already at the elite professional level."

Yoddecha reports,"Chatri is in good shape, but we need to take his cardio to an even higher level for this fight. Technically speaking, he should be fine against his opponent despite the big difference in experience. If Chatri brings his A+ game to the fight, he will likely win by KO in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. Chatri hits very hard for his weight class and has the ability to knock people out with a single shot. My worry for Chatri is his endurance, especially in the last round of the fight. We have 3 weeks to take his cardio to another level. Either way, it will be a very close and hard fought battle."